There is so much FREEDOM that comes with delegation.

It’s an investment, it takes work, but it pays dividends to your mental health and time with family to be able to step away, eat dinner with your kids and know that your business is still OK.

The actual act of delegating is often the crux of success for an entrepreneur.

It is NOT intuitive and is not something most CEOs are excited to do! Let’s be honest, we’re control freaks!

I say delegation is the crux of success because it is HOW you can create and SUSTAIN massive momentum in your business. It is how you achieve SCALE.

This episode is part 3 of the 4 D’s of Delegation Mastery: Decide (what to delegate), Document (your process), Delegate (like a master), Detach (empower your team).

Make sure you listen to the previous episodes to lay a foundation for what we discuss today!

In today’s episode you’ll hear:
– The 4 steps to delegating like a MASTER.
– You might think you are OK with delegating…but are you?
– How to STOP hovering and micromanaging and start TRUSTING.
– Why we advocate for outsourcing OUTCOMES not tasks.
– How to effectively use the 6 levels of delegation to grow an EMPOWERED team.

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