Do you remember hearing the sound of the ice cream truck when you were young?  That sound was so exciting. Of course, now as an adult the best sound ever is that of the delivery truck. Am I right? Well, in this first episode of Diary of a Doer, I share a story about a very special delivery I received one night; a 17-month old foster child.  Yes, that’s right, a child. Today, I want to share with you my journey of how her entrance into my life changed my outlook about everything, dramatically.

I’ll start by telling you that I am wired to go all in; much to my detriment.  And, for the longest time I was on the trajectory to become CEO of an anesthesia group. Then, I decided, “Nah, I want to be like the Play-Doh moms.” I wanted to be at home with my foster child and other children. So, I began working part-time.  But yet, Mom was only part of the definition of who I am. I knew God meant for me to be much more. I realized, I wanted to teach other moms there was more than Play-Doh, too. I share how I went from almost-CEO to the owner of Priority VA; a company that allowed me to be mom, business owner and help other moms be at home with their children, too. But, this new business also forced me to go into overdrive and become self-destructive in many ways.  

I stopped doing many of the things that I loved. I was becoming distant from my children. And, I was angry at it all. I was crashing HARD. In 2017, I knew I had to create a new trajectory for my life. I attended a mastermind event where I had an eye-opening conversation. It made me recognize I was chasing ambition, prominence, and status. It led me to having an epiphany of sorts, I realized I should be chasing slow. Yes, slow. Listen to this episode to hear how I went from chasing the “fast and the furious” to chasing slow, instead.

In this episode, you’ll also hear about:

  • The call that changed my life forever
  • Quitting the “CEO” lifestyle
  • My “I have 3 days to live” list
  • How pushing myself so hard led me to contemplating suicide
  • Slowing down and making time
  • And, my full circle moment

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