Have you guys ever wondered: what is the difference between an Executive Assistant and a Virtual Assistant?

    When you are in the weeds of your business — you don’t really care what a person calls themselves — EA or VA — you are just eager for help.

    Trust me, I’ve been there, and I’ve served countless Leaders who feel the same way.

    But, there are some key differences between an Executive Assistant and a Virtual Assistant that you should be aware of before making an official hiring decision.

    Today, I’m going to help you tease out: what is the difference between an EA and a VA? Which is right for you? And how will this shape my business? 

    I’m excited to share this time with you guys. Let’s dive in.

    In today’s episode, we discuss: 

    1. Getting clear on the type of support YOU want
    2. The major difference
    3. Jack of All Trades vs. Specialized Support
    4. Assistant sharing 

    Here are other resources I mention: 

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